Atlanta Printmakers Studio

I had this extremely satisfying morning the other week where at 9 am I decided that I was interested in getting to work with a letterpress sometime in the next few years, and by noon I was registered for a 1 day holiday card letterpress workshop with the fine folks at Atlanta Printmakers Studio. The run out of a warehouse space in a loft complex in southwest Atlanta, and have things like, oh, a couple 100+ year old Chandler & Price presses lying around, plus some more recent Vandercook presses, seas of moveable type, and a 5′ by 8′ (that’s feet, not inches) relief block in progress for their annual Print Big event.  They print it with a steamroller, folks.  They don’t mess around.

We used polymer plate images and text, which are like decals that can be arranged and rearranged over and over.  I was really impressed by the learning curve of this method – an hour into the workshop, we were all using the presses independently and making beautiful things (and most of us had, like me, zero letterpress experience).

There are a also number of local letterpress companies around town producing fun stuff, like these guys:

Bumblebee Press, in Inman Park

Lemondrop Letterpress, by Decatur