Now Take Flight

I’m proud, and sonically blissed-out, to report that the fantastic self-identified “Sultry West Coast Trio” Coyote Grace has a brand-spankin’-new album hot off the duplicator and ready for orders.  These guys are some truly unique and inspired Americana musicians and songwriters, and if you enjoy soulful musicianship & lyrics, queer takes on country music tropes, or being happy, you should do yourself the favor of checking them out. The new album is called Now Take Flight and not only features crystal-clean sound and layered, lush production, but also songs about staking cute baristas in San Francisco, featuring genuine espresso-machine percussion.  I was honored to do the album artwork for this project – here’s the end result:

original block prints by Ary K. Smith, graphic design by Michael Connolly

I’m working on a limited edition run of the original dandelion image block for their upcoming cd release tour.  Check out their schedule at and come see ’em on the road!